This app is under the “Health & Fitness” category. This app allows users to track injection sites and reminds them when and where to take the injection shot for the next session. It comes with a calendar feature that enables users to check and generate a report of his/her injection short history.

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How To Start

How It Works

Injection Sites

This section shows a body diagram with respective body part injection sites. Each body part has 3 injection sites.

  • Allows the user to tap a body part “i.e.” upper right arm. A popup screen will show up allowing the users to select which of the 3 injection sites of the upper arm does the user wants to inject a shot.

  • Users have the option to write a short note after selecting an injection site.

  • The date and time will be recorded. This allows users to see when was the last time he took a shot on a particular injection site.

Push Notification Preference

The app will suggest an injection site for each session in a rotating manner, preventing the users from repeatedly taking a shot to just 1 or 2 injection sites.

  • User can choose how often he/she need to inject a shot and specify a time of the day to inject a shot.

  • Users without a regular injection time can choose to disable the push notification.

  • Default push notification triggers 15 minutes before the scheduled time but users have the options to adjust it.

  • Notification or reminder will also be sent to the user’s email address.

  • The push notification contains the injection date/time and the recommended injection site.


Users can view his/her injection story.

  • Tapping a specific date will show the injection time, injection site and notes.

  • This also allows users to generate a PDF report of his/her injection history within a specific date range. The report will contain injection date/time, injection site and notes which will be sent to the user’s email.


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